Invisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth.

Invisalign is another way of straightening teeth. Invisalign involves wearing a series of clear plastic trays that are virtually invisible. The trays have to be changed about every two weeks to keep making adjustments in the movement of the teeth. Depending on the severity of the crowding or spacing of the teeth, this process could take anywhere from three months to more than a year to complete. Generally, spaces in teeth are easier to take care of than crowding. The procedure is done by taking imprints of your teeth and sending the imprints to a lab. The lab will process the impressions and enter them into a computer. The computer will then generate the trays that will move your teeth. In some cases we will also need to place small studs on the teeth to create tooth retention. The retentions or attachments are placed to help move the teeth faster. It takes about four to six weeks to have the trays made. We will then place any necessary attachments and teach you how to use and care for the trays. You will need to come to the office every four to six weeks during treatment for follow-up and slowly your teeth will move into place.


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