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Root Canal

Root Canal New York CityThere are a few reasons why a patient may need a root canal. One cause for a root canal is an untreated cavity. If you have even a small cavity and it goes untreated it will just get bigger and deeper. When the decay gets so deep that it reaches the root of the tooth, a root canal is usually necessary to correct the problem. A root canal can also be needed if a tooth becomes cracked. An abscess occurs when the root becomes infected. This can be very painful and more difficult to treat. The key to less painful procedures and a better prognosis is early treatment. If you are experiencing any problems with your teeth you should have them evaluated as soon as possible.

A root canal is a procedure that involves treatment of the canal of the tooth. Inside the canal of the tooth there are nerves. During a root canal procedure we "clean up" the nerve using very tiny instruments called files. The files clean the entire length of the tooth. When it is completely cleaned out and disinfected, we fill the tooth with a rubber like material to prevent infection. After a root canal is complete, the tooth will need a crown to prevent the tooth from fracture.

In some instances, the patient will need antibiotic therapy to treat infection that is present in the tooth. Antibiotics will only be given if they are necessary. Following a root canal, you may experience some soreness for a couple of days, but many patients have no discomfort. If you do have discomfort you should avoid eating on that side, avoid eating sticky or chewy foods and avoid flossing that tooth. Advil or Tylenol can be taken every four to six hours to prevent pain if needed.

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